Below is the sort of thing that I would like to see agreed in any Pow Wow.

We recognise the right of every Golden Dawn to:

1. To Exist.

  1. To hold fast to its own system of teaching as a unique entity within the GD.

  2. Remain separate from any other group or organisation.

  3. To formulate its own policy in regards to itself.

  4. To disagree with another on matters of teaching or policy without resorting to abuse or personal attacks.

We pledge:

      1. To discipline anyone in our Order who covertly or overtly mounts personal attacks on another using any medium.

      2. To foster communication between the different groups.

      3. Not to attempt to recruit a member of any group without notifying its administration.

      4. To adopt a kindly relationship with others working on different aspects of the GD work.

      5. Not to seek to undermine another group in any way.

      We do this without recognizing the grades, abilities, or claimed lineage of any order but in the spirit of universal fraternity that exists between all who study the GD system of magic.


      Just had a bit of a thought on the mantras to be used when working with Tatwahs. I have a problem with using Eastern names, particularly if I am using the Cicero’s ‘western tatwahs. Since the key to vibrating divine names is the vowels I would suggest the following sounds. It is loosely based on the IAO vibration…

      Spirit – Breath out

      Fire iiiiiiii

      Air ooooooo

      Water aaaaah

      Earth eeeeee


      Below is an essay I penned a long time ago. Thinking it might be useful I have put it here.

      Magic would not be the same without a few incomprehensible words thrown into a ritual. To most people a magician without not be worthy of the name if they were not chanting something weird in some arcane language. And those of us who have used them are aware of their power in bringing forth something that really was not there before.

      The Ancient Egyptians considered these words of power so important they had a God, Hekau, assigned to them. His function was so important it was considered that the Sun would not rise if it were not for his aid.

      Through-out the history of magic there was a belief that certain words said with the correct intonation had tremendous power. Books which have been preserved show that these words were often extremely long with so many vowels that you would need a good set of lungs to get through them. But are hundreds of other occult alphabets that have come down to us and in the Golden Dawn you are expected to know three: Hebrew, Enochian and Coptic.

      It may seem odd since the creation of the Israeli State to think of Hebrew as a magic language, but it has been for centuries even before the birth of Christ. In fact it was considered so holy there are a few orthodox Jews in Israel who will not use it in their daily conversations because they believe it should still be reserved for worship. At the time of the first Golden Dawn few people would have seen it used outside the synagogue or the beyond the obscure religious or magic text.

      This gives us an idea about what makes a word of power ‘powerful’. They must be words that are reserved from current use. Somehow mundane use wears them out. Does the mundane use of Hebrew in Israel really ruin its use as a magical language? The answer is no. To make Hebrew into a mundane language it had to make certain changes, which means the version we learn is subtly different, which led to some amusing problems for me when I went to Israel (Zain is not so much a sword these days as a willy)

      The Ancient Hebrews made writing their holy letters a work of prayer and interaction with God. The position of a scribe in a community was considered honoured because of this interaction. The books with their Hebrew letters upon them were never destroyed either. When a book became worn out it was buried with honours.

      This again indicates the sort of relationship that we need to have with the names of power that we use. There has to be a feeling of connection with the entity behind the name.

      Finally there was a feeling that the names were unchangeable and there was only one way of correctly pronouncing them. There was a belief that if you pronounced the name YHVH correctly you would have the power to undo the universe.

      This is a piece of superstition, but it is well worth focusing on. You will notice, having performed the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram that you all pronounce the words of power slightly differently. Even if we drilled the pronunciations into you so hard Tom’s would still be different from mine, Sue’s would be different to Graham’s. Yet when we all vibrate the names there is still a glorious harmony that comes from them all.

      So how does this fit with the idea of the names cannot be changed? To understand this it is important to know what a name of power is. It is a symbol – in other words something that links to something else. A word is not the object, it is a representation of an object. When I say the word ‘duck’ it is just a word – it lacks feathers and the ability to quack. However it links into your mind with the image of a duck and leads you to it.

      A word of power is just that. It should take you out of your ordinary consciousness and lead you to that which it represents. How you perceive or pronounce that symbol or word is unique to you. It does not make it correct it is just how you perceive it. If you perceive it dimly then you will only get part of the experience.

      At the moment when you pronounce the name YHVH correctly are you taken directly to the throne of God where you are given the power over all? No. At best you might get a buzz of something powerful. So how can we make our pronunciation better?

      The best way is through experience and meditation on the words of power that you use. Approach them in you meditation as something of great importance. When you vibrate them see them as living things taking you to the holy name that they represent. See the world actually shaking when you vibrate them.

      One of the best ways, I have interacting with the name is to chant it as a mantra. Take a deep breath and vibrate it over and over until you start to get a feeling of how the energy should be. This act should through you into an altered state similar to deep meditation. However you should not stop there. You should keep going until you are bored. And then you should keep going. In the darkness of extreme frustration, the real meaning of the name will unveil itself to you. This will not be an intellectual understanding, but something much more. Once you have reached this state, which is something I cannot describe to you, you will know that whenever you vibrate that name again it will appear with a much greater depth.

      This is something that all grades in the GD can do, because you are given divine names and other words of power quite early on. I should point out that each Hebrew letter is a name of power in its own right. If you use mantra techniques on all of them you will not only be able to learn them quicker, but when you actually combine them into divine names of power they should blow your socks off.


      For a while I have been wrestling with the idea of ‘who is this God person anyway’. It is not that I don’t believe, it is just that my God is a bit too abstract for my own good. Now this pattern is sinking into some of the more standard ideas of occultism I have had to allocate a bit of brain power to thinking what do I believe.

      To the old style occultist it was really easy. God sat on a throne and ruled a heirachy of angels whose job it was to do as they were told. If you spoke to God, or at least asked in the name of god, the angel would do as it was told.

      In cabbalah there are a battery of specialised names of God for us that are tuned to work with these various Angels. We know, for example, to call JHVH ALOAH VE DAATH if we want the Angel Raphael to do anything.

      This imagery was ideal when the ‘universe’ was the world with the plants floating around them in a fixed way. But it does not stack up if humanity is not the centre of the universe. I was watching a TV program on M-theory yesterday which implies that not only we are not the centre of the universe, but our universe is just one of many.

      Gareth Knight once pointed out that the universe works quite nicely if you don’t take on some of these rolemodels. The sun does appear to go around the earth and the stars likewise. He suggested that occultists should just focus on working their systems like that and largely ignore modern scientific developments. I asked him if we were just insignificant bits of fluff in an infinite universe how could we possibly be important to an infinite unity that must include all of them. His answer was “that is what satan wants you to think?.

      Ignoring the idea of a personified evil for a moment, he has a point. Modern Science seems to be pushing God further and further away. Cosmic consciousness was a doddle for Buddha, he only had a small cosmos to merge with. Now the modern occultist wanting to merge with infinity has to see a ‘multiverse’ and try to link with that.

      My answer to this problem is start the process of seeing God in the smallest thing – those things around me. The point of this exercise is based on the logic that:

      1. God is infinite and indivisible

      2. Infinity exists just as much in a small object as a big one.

      3. No matter how big the ‘multiverse’ is we can still experience God within our own selves.

      It might all be a cop-out but somewhere in the infinite universe, humanity is important.

      When I was first involved in occultism, esoteric orders seemed a very big and important thing. The teachers in Whare Ra or BOTA had got to the top of their orders after years of experience. They may have been autocrats but for the most part they were informed autocrats, who had been around the block.

      The new Golden Dawn renaissance has created a new breed of esoteric leader. One who has not got to the top by any inherent skills, magical or otherwise, but because they happened to be the organisers when their fledging groups were formed.

      Instead of working on the principle that they know nothing and are really muddling through, they are setting themselves up as grand pooh bahs and masters of magic. When other group leaders fail to acknowlege their supreme power and ability, they spit tacks. The current legal situation between the HOGD is a case in point and there are others.

      Now there are moves afoot to create peace between the various GD groups by means of a Pow-Wow. The idea is that by getting the various groups around a table to talk about the GD current it will somehow build bridges between the various groups in the GD current.

      However in doing so we are suddenly forced to acknowledge ‘leaders’ whose skills are comparitively small and whose work has been well below the standards that some set for their groups.

      It takes five years for someone in my group to get to 5=6 and there is a lot of work personality and intellectual that needs to be accompliced first. Why should anyone in my group be talking to some kid who has declared himself Heirophant after reading a copy of Isreal Regardie’s Golden Dawn and will use any information to strengthen his autocratic hold on his small group. By recognising such types as equals, aren’t we devaluing our own work?

      The problem is that too many people see the GD as a game of Lets be Pooh Bahs. They make a lot of noise and cause problems for those who just quietly getting on with the work. They make it political to cover up the fact that they really are not interested in work. If criticised, they will accuse the accuser of bringing dischord amongst a ‘Golden Dawn Community’ of which, coincidently they are leaders.

      What happens if the people who are doing the work and quietly getting on with it ignore these types? Yes we will be branded as elitist and arrogant, but we will not be tarred with any brushes that tend to sail the way of these people.

      But what of protecting the GD current? The GD current has been around for a long time. It does not need protecting. It is a secret society. If someone doesn’t like what you do, you dont have to tell them that you are doing it. If they find out, do what every other occult organisation has done and disolve and reform under another name.

      But what of promoting peace? Currently the so called war is carried out by a small group of idiots following other idiots. Sitting around a table with such morons will do no more to enhance GD peace than sitting around a monkey’s tea party will help develop the human condition. Indeed by recognising such types in any form only gives the impression that they are as important as they think they are.

      If we are serious about occultism, we cannot treat such idiots seriously.

      I wonder what the likes of the Felkins, Mathers, Westcott, Taylor and Salts would have made of the modern GD. In some ways we do things better, but in other ways we have failed.

      OK here is another attempt of mine to enter the Blogging universe with a mixed bag of thoughts and rambling.  It will also include a few of my latest esoteric ideas all chucked into the mix.

      Since I don’t have the habit of such things…. there may be gaps.