I was asked about how my edit of Nature’s Finer Forces was doing. Earlier I mentioned that it had started to make sense to me once I replaced a lot of the Indian terms with Western ones. Below is the draft I was using which might be of interest. Note that it is a draft and nothing like a book would be, but it might give some clues. I have started to mix in some of my thinking too so some of this is not anything like the original. I would throw in a lot more Hermetic stuff too.

The elements are the five divisions of the Mind of God. acting upon itself. God has five states, having distinctive vibrations and performing different functions. The first is the Element of Spirit. After this comes the elements of Air, the Fire, Water and the Earth. Light is the subtle Fire Element. All the five elements cannot be seen. They are behind the matter that we see. Spirit produces sound, the Air touch, water taste and Earth smell.

How is it possible that spirit produces sound? After all spirit is supposed to be everywhere even in the vacuum of space. However a bell rung in a vacuum it makes no sound, you need air to do that. The idea is that you are not talking about literal sound. You are looking at vibration which on earth like sound. If you capture sound in machine and play it you will see it as a wave moving quickly between positive and negative force. However it is not energy. That is represented by fire. Instead it is a force that is created by distortion. If the universe is essentially mind and holographic then what we see are distortions that are like sound. Spirit is that which produces distortions to create a new reality. It is also interesting that sound can produce similar effects in ritual. As you will know if you have done much vibration work. It would be my guess that sound vibration has a direct correlation with spiritual vibration.

The Indians considered the shape of these spiritual distortions to be made up of single points or dots. Again this is a symbol and not meant to be seen as literal, it does not mean that the whole of the universe is made out of particles. The dots are the first point, which in Cabbalah we consider to be Kether. They also considered that the air is spherical in form, water the shape the half moon shaped and the earth square shaped. In the west we express all these elements under the form of the pentagram which shows the four elements under the control of spirit. However we also see each element as a form of a triangle, either upward (fire) or downward (water) pointing and with lines to denote earth and air. It is important to note that if these triangles were fused they would create a hexagram of perfection. Thus the five sided pentagram (also seen as a balanced human) is a six sided (ie perfected) expression of God. It also should be noted that the elements rule each of the planets of astrology.

Tantra says that each of the elements gives birth to the other and creates the following senses in humanity. Oddly this is not a list of the senses, and I am not sure that it was a mistranslation by Rama Prasad. He gives them as:

  1. Spirit sound.
  2. Air, touch.
  3. Fire, colour.
  1. water, taste
  2. Earth, smell

Again this is not literal and neither are the above senses in the accepted sense. It should be hearing, touch, smell, sight, and taste. This is probably a blind. If they are senses they are those of the divine Adam Kadmon. As I said before, Spirit is the distortion that creates the holographic image of the universe. Air is the method that spirit contacts the senses, fire is the energy behind the illusion of what we see, water is how we relate it to ourselves and Earth is how we absorb it into our reality.

The colours given to the various elemental forces are by the Indians are largely useless to us in the West, however they can be transferred. Spirit should be diamond light, Air should be yellow, fire red, water blue and Earth a mixture of yellow, red and blue. Another change that is required is the shifting of air and fire. This is a philosophical change and would be important if we used the rest of the Indian system. There the system follows the movement upwards from denser matter to clear spirit. Air appears less dense than fire. However Fire is considered the highest element in the West followed by air, water and then earth.

Prasad says that the elements exist on four planes of reality.

The four planes are:

          1. Physical Life force
          2. Mental Mind .
          3. Psychic Astral
          4. Spiritual Bliss were the soul merges with spirit .

          Notice that these four planes of reality have some similarities with the four cabbalistic worlds. The difficulty from the point of view of Hermetics is the flipping of the mental and the astral world. However again we are looking at it from a mystical point of view rather than a magical one. Astral would flow to spirit with mind being a lower denser reality in this situation.

          Powers of the Elements

          Space.—This is a quality of the Spirit Element . It has been asserted that the vibration of this ether is shaped like the hole of the ear, and that in the body thereof are microscopic points (Vindus). It follows, evidently, that the interstices between the points serve to give space to ethereal minima, and offer them room for locomotion

          Locomotion.—This is the quality of the Air Element . Air is a form of motion itself, for motion in all directions is motion in a circle, large or small. The Air Element has itself the form of spherical motion. When to the motion which keeps up the form of the different ethers is added the stereotyped motion of the Air , locomotion is the result.

          Expansion.—This is the quality of the Fire Element . Basically if you apply heat to anything it will cause it to move.

          Contraction.— This is the quality of the water Element . As has been remarked before, the direction of this ether is the reverse of the fire , and it is therefore easy to understand that contraction is the result of the play of this Element .

          Inertia — This is the quality of the Earth Element . This, it will be seen, is the reverse of Spirit . Spirit, gives room for locomotion, while Earth resists it. This is the natural result of the direction and shape of this vibration. It covers up the spaces of the Spirit .

          Smoothness.— This is a quality of the water Element .

          The elements come into existence even before the earth is manifested on the gross plane. So also do the centres of other planets come into existence. As the sun presents himself to the Archangelic forces there come into existence two states of the matter in which the sun lives and moves — the positive and the negative. Earth-life or Terrestrial Life force has four centres of force.

          Spirit is the most important of all the elements . It must, as a matter of course, precede and follow every change of state on every plane of life. Without this there can be no manifestation or cessation of forms. It is out of Spirit that every form comes, and it is in Spirit that every form lives. The Spirit is full of forms in their potential state. It intervenes between every two of the five elements , and between every two of the five principles.

          The evolution of the elements is always part of the evolution of a certain definite form. Thus the manifestation of the primary elements is with the definite aim of giving what we may call a body, a prâkritic form, to the Îshvara. In the bosom of the Infinite creative god there are hidden innumerable such centres. One centre takes under its influence a certain portion of the Infinite, and there we find first of all coming into existence in Spirit.

          Out of this Spirit comes the air Element (in the West this would be Fire) . This pervades the whole universe and has a certain centre which serves to keep the whole expanse together, and as one whole separate from other universes .

          It has been mentioned, and further on will be more clearly explained, that every Element has a positive and a negative phase. It is also evident on the analogy of the sun that places more distant from the centre are always negative to those which are nearer. We might say that they are cooler than these, as it will be seen further on that heat is not peculiar to the sun only, but that all the higher centres have a greater amount of heat than even the sun itself.

          Well, then, in this divine sphere of Air every atom of the Air is reacted upon by an opposite force. The more distant and therefore the cooler one reacts upon the nearer and therefore the hotter. The equal and opposite vibrations of the same force cancel each other, and both together pass into the âkâshic state. Thus, while some of this space remains filled up by the Brahmic Air on account of the constant outflow of this Element from the Spirit , the remainder is rapidly turned into Spirit . This Spirit is the mother of the divine fire Element . The fire Element working similarly gives birth through another Spirit to the water , and then to the Earth . This Divine Earth contains the qualities of all the preceding elements besides a fifth one of its own.

          The first stage of the universe, the ocean of psychic matter, has now come into existence in its entirety. This matter is,very fine, and there is absolutely no grossness in it as compared with the matter of the fifth plane. In this ocean shines the intelligence of the Goddess, and this ocean, with everything that might be manifest in it, is the self-conscious universe.

          In this universe there are forces which are called Manu in Theosophy but are actually collections of blueprints related to every aspect of life. From these spiritual beings called masters are created. Also from these plans all life is created.

          Air is the superior element on this plane followed by Fire , the water and earth.