When I was starting out in occultism, I thought that everything should be as open and public as possible. I looked slightly amused at the secrecy of Whare Ra as an anachronism belonging to a pre-internet age. However now I am starting to question whether or not occultism is suffering from being this public. Not only are we seeing groups being powered by intellectual resources that their leaders do not have, but there are also a bunch of loonies who are being let in. Now your average GD person can range from a good sort to a total mental head case who should not be allowed into the fold. Suddenly on GD sites we are discussing, seriously, the influence of UFOs and men in black on occultism. When I did a piss take, which said that Mathers was an alien and Farr worked for MI5, it was taken seriously.

The thing is that in the old days these types would never even get the sniff of an esoteric order and the groups they were in had a tremendous power. Likewise the ‘secret’ groups I have been in have had a lot more fraternity and dedication to the system.

Now we seriously have people suggesting that there should be a common curriculum for GD groups, as if we are like the masons and can do everything the same. Once we could hold together the elitism of an order by a recourse to lineage, secret chiefs or other such methods. These were bogus but they managed to cover everything under a Saturnian shadow. Anyone who knows what I write will know that I tend to think that everything is a system which is a means to an end. Much of the current GD has lost that end and is concentrating on the means. As a teacher if I stop someone progressing up the ladder because they are as mad as a box of frogs or need a to discover something important, I can find myself in trouble. If people past written tests they are considered ok.

The next result of this is a bunch of adepts who do not do magic, or if they do, do not understand what it is all about. Or are complete and utter loonies. I know that I am eccentric, but I really do not see what this path has to do with all the flaky things that are getting pinned to it, by people who should not be here.

Now it seems that instead of being in favour of more open occultism, I have started to think that the whole lot should be a lot more closed and elitist.