Below is the sort of thing that I would like to see agreed in any Pow Wow.

We recognise the right of every Golden Dawn to:

1. To Exist.

  1. To hold fast to its own system of teaching as a unique entity within the GD.

  2. Remain separate from any other group or organisation.

  3. To formulate its own policy in regards to itself.

  4. To disagree with another on matters of teaching or policy without resorting to abuse or personal attacks.

We pledge:

      1. To discipline anyone in our Order who covertly or overtly mounts personal attacks on another using any medium.

      2. To foster communication between the different groups.

      3. Not to attempt to recruit a member of any group without notifying its administration.

      4. To adopt a kindly relationship with others working on different aspects of the GD work.

      5. Not to seek to undermine another group in any way.

      We do this without recognizing the grades, abilities, or claimed lineage of any order but in the spirit of universal fraternity that exists between all who study the GD system of magic.