For a while I have been wrestling with the idea of ‘who is this God person anyway’. It is not that I don’t believe, it is just that my God is a bit too abstract for my own good. Now this pattern is sinking into some of the more standard ideas of occultism I have had to allocate a bit of brain power to thinking what do I believe.

To the old style occultist it was really easy. God sat on a throne and ruled a heirachy of angels whose job it was to do as they were told. If you spoke to God, or at least asked in the name of god, the angel would do as it was told.

In cabbalah there are a battery of specialised names of God for us that are tuned to work with these various Angels. We know, for example, to call JHVH ALOAH VE DAATH if we want the Angel Raphael to do anything.

This imagery was ideal when the ‘universe’ was the world with the plants floating around them in a fixed way. But it does not stack up if humanity is not the centre of the universe. I was watching a TV program on M-theory yesterday which implies that not only we are not the centre of the universe, but our universe is just one of many.

Gareth Knight once pointed out that the universe works quite nicely if you don’t take on some of these rolemodels. The sun does appear to go around the earth and the stars likewise. He suggested that occultists should just focus on working their systems like that and largely ignore modern scientific developments. I asked him if we were just insignificant bits of fluff in an infinite universe how could we possibly be important to an infinite unity that must include all of them. His answer was “that is what satan wants you to think?.

Ignoring the idea of a personified evil for a moment, he has a point. Modern Science seems to be pushing God further and further away. Cosmic consciousness was a doddle for Buddha, he only had a small cosmos to merge with. Now the modern occultist wanting to merge with infinity has to see a ‘multiverse’ and try to link with that.

My answer to this problem is start the process of seeing God in the smallest thing – those things around me. The point of this exercise is based on the logic that:

  1. God is infinite and indivisible

  2. Infinity exists just as much in a small object as a big one.

  3. No matter how big the ‘multiverse’ is we can still experience God within our own selves.

It might all be a cop-out but somewhere in the infinite universe, humanity is important.